This page provides a starting guide for users to setup the TASBEFlowAnalytics package in Matlab.

Installing TASBEFlowAnalytics

A Matlab version of R2015a or higher is recommended for TASBEFlowAnalytics. The code can be installed here.

There are two possible ways of retrieving the software.

  1. Download the software repository by extracting the contents from the zip directory.
  2. Install with Git Bash
    git clone


Setting up a Matlab/Octave Environment

After installing TASBEFlowAnalytics, the next step involves importing the package into Matlab/Octave. There are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. In Apple OSX or GNU/Linux shell:
    cd TASBEFlowAnalytics
    make install

    This will add the TASBEFlowAnalytics directory to the Matlab and/or GNU Octave searchpath. If both Matlab and GNU Octave are available on your machine, it will install TASBEFlowAnalytics for both.

  2. In Windows (or manual installation on Mac/Linux):
    1. Start Matlab
    2. Navigate to the TASBEFlowAnalytics directory
    3. Run the following in the Matlab command window:
      tasbe_set_path(); savepath();

      This method also works on Octave.

  3. Manual method (only works in Matlab)
    1. Start Matlab and select Set Path alt-text
    2. Select Add with Subfolders alt-text
    3. Navigate to TASBEFlowAnalytics directory and select
    4. Save changes and close window alt-text

If any issues are encountered during the installation process, report them using the Github Issue Tracker.